Bazar Deluxe


Bazar Deluxe was born in 2013 from the experience of the company Visconf, protagonist for more than 40 years in the international outwear industry market, in collaboration with Alessandro Squarzi.

The success of Bazar Deluxe, precious urban couture with vibrating colors, is founded on the handcrafted work and the creative mix of the ethnic and classic which is realized thanks to the close attention to details. The aim of Violanti company is the creation of elegant and refined shape, energetic and sparkling at the same time. Thanks to the perfectionism in the production processes, Bazar Deluxe is the perfect outwear for women who do not want to hide in the crowd, but they are in seek of trends. The collection grasps the vintage essence, the expressive power and the ethnic decorativism of fabrics to get them in the contemporaneity of a modern and charm project.

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